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Tolu Balsam Oil

Tolu Balsam Oil

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Exporter Of Juniper Berry Oil
Natural Ajowan Oil
Botanical Name : Myroxylon pereirae
Common Method Of Extraction : Distillation
Parts Used : Oleoresin
Note Classification : Base
Aroma : Very sweet, rich, balsamic, vanilla-like aroma

Extraction :
Distilled from the balsam

Chemical Composition :
The oil contains large amount of benzyl and cinnamyl esters of cinnamic and benzoic acid (benzyl benzoate, benzyl cinnamate).

Essential Oil Information :
Tolu balsam is non-fossil resin, commonly originates from South America (Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela). In acient times, these balsams were used to kill parasites and in cough syrups, but today it is used almost exclusively in topical applications.

Oil Properties :
The oil has vanilla and cinnamon scent with antiseptic and healing effect on the skin. However, it is also considered as one of the most allergic substances on the planet. The oil is deep brown in color.

Uses :
  • In cough syrups
  • In perfumes, valued due to its warm, mellow and spicy scent
  • Natural remedy for skin rashes
  • Used to kill parasites
  • Beneficial in the cure of ringworm, wounds, diaper rash and bedsores
  • Added to topical salves for the treatment of ulcers

Therapeutic Properties :
Antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antiperspirant, hypertensive, aromatic, stimulant, fixative, diuretic, anti-bacterial, anti-mites, expectorant, deodorant and warm

Blends Well With :
This essential oil blends well with oils of cinnamon, clove and vanilla

Summary :
Tolu Balsam Oil also known as Peru balsam oil is distilled from balsam which is a resinous substance that is secreted from a tree in Central and South America. With wide use in aromatherapy and in treating wounds, this essential is the best antiseptic and a strong anti-inflammatory agent. Besides its several excellent therapeutic values, the oil is one of the most allergic substances on the planet. Hence, the essential oil is not beneficial for everyone.

Precautions :
Allergic oil

Shipping Options :
DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex and EMS are some of our partners who support us in dispatching oil through air or sea.


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