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We offer concentrated, highly-aromatic, oily Floral Absolutes extracted from flowers. Floral Absolutes offered by us are manufactured from fresh concretes and with the use of perfumery grade alcohol. Katyani also offers an array of fresh floral waxes. Lavender, rose, tuberose etc., are some of the most popular varieties offered.

Amber Absolute Oil Pinus Succinefera 8000-28-0 2622 Ask for Price
Ambrette Absolute Oil Abelmoschus Maschatus Medik 84455-19-6 2050 Ask for Price
Angelica Root Oil Angelica Archangelica 8015-64-3 2090 Ask for Price
Benzoin Absolute Oil Styrax benzoin 91845-21-5 2133 Ask for Price
Blue Lotus Absolute Oil Nymphaea caerulea 476-66-4 2370 Ask for Price
Boronia Absolute Oil Boronia megastigma 8053-33-6 2167 Ask for Price
Broom / Genet Absolute Oil Spartium Junceum 8023-80-1 2504 Ask for Price
Calendula Absulute Oil Calendula officinalis 70892-20-5 2658 Ask for Price
Cardamom Extra Absolute Oil Elletaria cardomum 8000-66-6 2241 Ask for Price
Carnation Absolute Oil Dianthus caryophyllus 8021-43-0 2333 Ask for Price
Champaca White Absolute Oil Michelia champaca 60-12-8 2858 Ask for Price
Cocoa Absolute Oil Theobroma cacao 84649-99-0 3332 Ask for Price
Costus Root Oil Saussurea Lappa 8023-88-9 2336 Ask for Price
Geranium Leaf Absolute Oil Pelargonium graveolens 8000-46-2 2508 Ask for Price
Green Tea Absolute Oil Thea sinensis L. 84650-60-2 3040 Ask for Price
Helichrysum Abs. Oil Helichrysum angustifolium 8023-95-8 2592 Ask for Price
Hops Absolute Oil Humulus lupulus 8007-04-3 2580 Ask for Price
Honeysuckle Absolute Oil lonicera caprifolium 8024-22-4 4045 Ask for Price
Jasmine Auriculatum Absolute Oil Jasminum Auriculatum 91770-14-8 2598 Ask for Price
Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute Oil Jasminum Grandiflorum 8022-96-6 2599 Ask for Price
Marigold Absolute Oil Calendula Officinalis 70892-20-5 2658 Ask for Price
Melissa Phytol Absolute Oil Melissa officinalis 84082-61-1 2112 Ask for Price
Mimosa Absolute Oil Acaica Mirensi 8031-03-6 2755 Ask for Price
Mogra Absolute Oil Jasminum Officinalis 90045-94-6 2598 Ask for Price
Myrrh Absolute Oil Tilia Vulgaris 8016-37-3 2766 Ask for Price
NIGHT QUEEN ABSOLUTE OIL Cestrum nocturnum shrub Ask for Price
PINK LOTUS ABSOLUTE Nelumbo nucifera Ask for Price
TUBEROSE OIL ABSOLUTE Polianthes Tuberosa - - Ask for Price


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