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Mint Terpene Oil

Mint Terpene Oil

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Exporter Of Juniper Berry Oil
Natural Ajowan Oil
Botanical Name : Mentha Arvensis
Common Method Of Extraction : Fractional distillation
Parts Used : Leaves
Note Classification : Middle
Aroma : Typically musty

Extraction :
This is derived from fractional distillation of de-mentholised mint oil

Chemical Composition :
The major constituents are alpha pinene, l-limonene, cineol, beta pinene, octanol etc.

Essential Oil Information :
These terpenes are extracted from peppermint trees with no harsh chemical odors or residue. It is a mixture of terpene alcohols with other main constituents.

Oil Properties :
This is a clear colorless transparent liquid with typical musty odor.

Uses :
  • Used in flavoring compounds and processing of other derivatives
  • Also used in household items

    Therapeutic Properties :
    Anti-carcinogen, anti-microbial, analgesic (painkiller), anti-oxidant, muscle relaxer, anti-inflammatory, psychoactive, anti-depressant, sedative, vasoconstrictant, anti-anxiety, sensory enhancer and vasorelaxant

    Blends Well With : Alcohol, chloroform and ether

    Summary :
    This liquid is derived from mint oil through the process of fractional distillation. With a musty aroma, this liquid is an excellent anti- depressant, sedative, sensory enhancer and many more.

    Precautions : Non toxic.

    Shipping Options :
    We ship this oil in air tight containers through our partners like DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT and EMS.


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