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Natural Juniper Berry Oil

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Exporter Of Juniper Berry Oil
Natural Ajowan Oil
Botanical Name : Juniperus communis
Common Method Of Extraction : Steam distillation
Parts Used : Berries
Note Classification : Middle
Aroma : Pleasant, spicy, pine-like scent

The oil is obtained from steam distilled from a combination of berries and twigs.

Chemical Composition
The Chemical Composition of JUNIPER BERRY OIL are a-pinene, camphene, b-pinene, sabinene, myrcene, a-phellandrene, a-terpinene, y-terpinene, 1,4-cineole, b-phellandrene, p-cymene, terpinen-4-ol, bornyl acetate, cayophyllene and trace amounts of limonene, camphor, linalool, linalyl acetate, borneol and nerol.

Essential Oil Information
JUNIPER BERRY OIL plays an active role in stimulatig and strengthening the nerves and bolster the spirits in challenging situations and thus relieve urine retention. It is highly useful in treating rheumatism, arthritis and gout, as well as cellulite, acne, dermatitis, blocked pores, psoriasis and weeping eczemas.

Oil Properties
The Oil Properties are antiseptic, antitoxic, astringent, depurative, emmenagogue, nervine, parasiticide, sedative, tonic, vulmerary.

Juniperberry essential oil helps in treating the pain and inflammation or arthritis, rheumatism, and varicose veins by warming and relaxing the muscles. Moreover, it also helps in increases the circulation and also to cure skin troubles like acne and eczema and in shampoos for oily hair and dandruff.

Therapeutic Properties
The therapeutic properties of juniper oil are antiseptic, anti-rheumatic, antispasmodic, astringent, carminative, depurative, diuretic, rubefacient, stimulating, stomachic, sudorific, vulnerary and tonic.

Blends Well With
Juniper oil blends well with cedarwood, cypress, geranium, grapefruit, lavender, lavandin, bergamot, lime, vetiver, clary sage and lemongrass.

The oil has a produces a pungent, herbaceous, peppery, pine like and camphor like aroma. It is actively used against contagious diseases including cholera, typhoid fever and the plague.

People those are suffering with kidney disease should avoid this.

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