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Jasmine Oil

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Exporter Of Juniper Berry Oil
Natural Ajowan Oil
Botanical Name : Jasminum Gradiflora
Common Method Of Extraction : Steam distillation
Parts Used : Flower
Aroma : Sweet, Exotic And Floral

Jasmine Oil is extracted by means of Steam Distillation

Chemical Composition
The Jasmine oil constitutes over 100 constituents. The main chemical components that are presented in jasmine oil includes benzyl acetate, linalool, benzyl alcohol, indole, benzyl benzoate, cis-jasmone, geraniol, methyl anthranilate and trace amounts of p. cresol, farnesol, cis-3-hexenyl benzoate, eugenol, nerol, ceosol, benzoic acid, benzaldehyde, y-terpineol, nerolidol, isohytol, phytol etc.

Essential Oil Information
Jasmine Oil is extracted from a evergreen fragile climbing shrub with dark green leaves and small star-shaped white flowers. These flowers are originally from Northern India and China and then brought to Spain by Moors. The flowers are used medicinally by Indians, Arabians and Chinese for aphrodisiac and other ceremonial purposes. In Turkey the wood of plant is used for making rope stems and and in Indonesia it is used as popular garnish.

Oil Properties
The oil is deep orange-brown in color and possess rich and exotic floral smell.

The jasmine oil is highly expensive oil with sweet and exotic smell. It restore confidence, energy and optimism and facilitates child birth by strengthening contraction and relieving pain. It is effective in promoting the flow of breast milk and effective in fighting post natal depression. The oil has soothing and calming nature and helps with sexual problems.

Therapeutic Properties
The jasmine oil is used as antispasmodic, anxiety reliever and aphrodisiac oil. It eases in menopause condition and also works as sedative. The oil is used in various cosmetics for curing scar tissues.

The amber in color oil is highly beneficial in treating sexual problem and muscular pain. It is used in creams and lotions and helps in reducing facial scars and stretch marks.

Blends Well With
Bergamot, Rose, Sandalwood and all Citrus oils.

The jasmine oil is non-toxic but some people do develop some allergic reaction to the oil. The oil can cause skin irritation and one can avoid exposure to sunlight after using the oil. Do not use oil if you are epileptic.

Shipping Options
We deliver our items by means of air as well as sea. We have various reputed delivering partners who are responsible of delivering the consignment within the required time limit with full care.


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