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Katyani Exports is pleased to offer Certified Organic Essential oils and the plants are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers.

Our Organic Essential Oils are :
  • 100% pure and natural pesticides free
  • We provide GCMS report and COA along with the products
  • We have bulk packing options of 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg and 180 kg
  • We also offer Private labeling in 10 ml, 30 ml and various other sizes as per requirements

List of Certified Organic Essential Oil as follow:
Products S.No. Organic Status Trade Name
Dill Oil (Sows Oil) Organic Dill Seed Oil (AnethumSowa),Dill Seed Oil (BP/USP Grade) Ask for Price
Ajwain Seed Oil (Carom/Bishops weed oil) Organic Ajwain Oil Ask for Price
Almond oil Organic Almond Oil-Indian, Almond Oil-Sweet Ask for Price
Angelica Extract Organic Angelica Root Oil Ask for Price
Anise oil (aniseed oil) Organic Anise oil Ask for Price
Apricot oil Organic Apricot Oil Ask for Price
Boswellia Serrata Oil Organic Boswellia Serrata Oil Ask for Price
Basil oil (Ocimum basillicum) Organic Basil Oil (Ocimum Bassillicum) Ask for Price
Basil oil (Ocimum sanctum) Organic Basil Oil (Ocimum Sanctum) Ask for Price
Basil/Tulsi Oil Organic Basil Oil (Ocimum Cannum) Ask for Price
Bay leaf oil Organic Bay Oil Ask for Price
Bergamot oil Organic Bergamot Oil Ask for Price
Black pepper oil Organic Black Pepper Oil Ask for Price
Black Seed Oil Organic Black Seed Oil Ask for Price
Calamus oil Organic Calamus Oil Ask for Price
Camphor oil Organic Camphor Oil Ask for Price
Caraway oil (Ca rum carvi) Organic Caraway Oil Ask for Price
Cardamom Oil Organic Cardamom Oil Ask for Price
carrot seed oil Organic Carrot Seed Oil Ask for Price
Cassia oil Organic Cassia Oil Ask for Price
Castor Oil Organic Castor Oil Ask for Price
Cedarwood oil Organic Cedar Wood Oil Ask for Price
Celery seed oil Organic Celery Seed Oil Ask for Price
Cinnamon bark oil Organic Cinnamon Bark Oil Ask for Price
Cinnamon leaf oil Organic Cinnamon Leaf Oil Ask for Price
Cinnamon oil Organic Cinnamon Oil Ask for Price
Citronella oil Organic Citronella Java Oil, Citronella Oil Ask for Price
Clary Sage oil Organic Clary Sage Oil Ask for Price
Clove bud Oil Organic Clove Bud Oil Ask for Price
Clove oil Organic Clove Oil, Clove Stem Oil Ask for Price
Coriander seed oil Organic Coriander Oil Ask for Price
Cumin-Seed Oil Organic Cumin Seed Oil Ask for Price
Curry leaf oil Organic Curry Leaf Oil Ask for Price
Davana oil Organic Davana Oil Ask for Price
Eucalyptus citridora oil Organic Eucalyptus Citrodora Oil Ask for Price
Eucalyptus globulus oil Organic Eucalyptus Globules Oil Ask for Price
Eucalyptus oil Organic Eucalyptus Oil Ask for Price
Evening Prinitose Oil Organic Evening Prime Rose Oil Ask for Price
Fennel seed oil Organic Fennel Seed Oil Ask for Price
Frankincense oil Organic Frank Incense Oil Ask for Price
Galangal oil Organic Galangal Oil (Galangal Alpine) Ask for Price
Garlic Oil Organic Garlic Oil, Garlic Seed Oil Ask for Price
Geranium oil Organic Geranium Oil Ask for Price
German chamomile Oil Organic Chamomile Blue Oil, Chamomile Roman Oil Ask for Price
Ginger oil Organic Ginger Oil Ask for Price
Grape seed oil Organic Grape Seed Oil Ask for Price
Jatamansi oil Organic Spike Nard Oil Ask for Price
Jojoba Oil Organic Jojoba Oil Clear, Jojoba Oil Colour Less, Jojoba Oil Golden, Jojoba Oil Light Colour, Jojoba Oil Unrefined Ask for Price
Juniper berries:(secds) Organic Juniper Berry Oil Ask for Price
Juniper needle oil Organic Juniper Leal Oil Ask for Price
Karanji/Pongam (Pongamia) Organic Karanji/Pongam (Pongamia) Oil Ask for Price
LaVender Oil Organic lavender Oil Ask for Price
Lemon oil Organic Lemon Oil Ask for Price
Lemongrass oil Organic Lemon Grass Oil Ask for Price
Lime Oil Organic Lime Oil Ask for Price
Mace oil (Myrystica fragrans Hoot) Organic Mace Oil Ask for Price
Mahua Oil Organic Mahua Oil Ask for Price
Mandarin Oil (Citrus aurantium sinesis) Organic Mandarin Oil Ask for Price
Marigoldrragetcs oil Organic Taettues Oil Ask for Price
Marjoram sweet oil (Origanuin mariorana) Organic Marjoram Oil Ask for Price
Mentha Citrata Oil Organic Mentha Citrata Oil Ask for Price
Mentha piperata oil (Mentha piperita) Organic Mentha Piperata Oil Ask for Price
Menthalmint arvensis oil (M.arvensis) Organic Mentha Oil Ask for Price
Moringa Oil Organic Moringa Oil Ask for Price
Nagarmotha oil (Cyprus Scariosus) Organic Cyperiol Oil Ask for Price
Neem oil Organic Neem oil, Neem Oil (Cold Press) Ask for Price
Neroli oil -Citrus aurantium Organic Neroli Oil Ask for Price
Nutmeg oil Organic Nut Meg Oil Ask for Price
Organic Boswellia Serrata Oil Organic Boswellia Serrata Oil Ask for Price
Olive oil Organic Olive Oil Ask for Price
onion Oil Organic Onion Oil, Onion Seed Oil Ask for Price
Oregano Oil Organic Oregano Oil Ask for Price
Palmarosa Oil Organic Palma Rosa Oil Ask for Price
Parsley seed oil Organic Parsley Seed Oil (India) Ask for Price
Patchouli oil Organic Patchouli Oil Ask for Price
Peppermint Oil (Mentha piperita) Organic Peppermint Oil, Peppermint Oil Any Grade Ask for Price
Pettigraine Rose wood oil Organic Rose Wood Oil Ask for Price
Pine oil Organic Pine Oil Ask for Price
Rose Oil Organic Rose Oil Ask for Price
Rosemary Oil Organic Rose Mary Oil Ask for Price
Sandalwood oil Organic Sandal Wood Oil Ask for Price
Sesame Seed - Oil Organic Sesame Seed Oil Ask for Price
Spearmint oil Organic Spearmint oil, Spearmint Oil Any Grade Ask for Price
Sugandha kokila oil(Luvunga scandens) Organic Sugandh Mantri Oil (Gandhi Roots) Ask for Price
Sunflower Seed Oil Organic Sun Flower Oil Ask for Price
Thyme Oil Organic Thyme(Ajowan) Oil Ask for Price
Turmeric Oil Organic Turmeric Oil Ask for Price
Valerian oil Organic Valerian Root Oil Ask for Price
Vanilla oil Organic Vanilla oil Ask for Price
Vetiver Oil Organic Vetiver Oil Ask for Price
walnut oil Organic Walnut Oil Ask for Price
Wheatgerm oil Organic Wheat Germ Oil Ask for Price
Wintergreen oil Organic Winter Green Oil Ask for Price
Ylang ylang oil Organic Ylang Ylang Oil Ask for Price

Certified Aromatic Organic Essential Oils

We are at the forefront of contemporary methods used to extract, process and package essential oils in their purest form. Trust Katyani Exports for Organic Essential Oils that have not lost any of their natural aromatic and therapeutic properties due to negligent mechanization. These pure essential oils have been certified, meeting the global standards for purity of product – a testament to the fact that we never compromise on Quality.

A Word about Essential Oils & the Need for Following Stringent Quality Standards
Essential oils have improved the quality of life of millions, over thousands of years by offering a wide range of benefits. From nutritional application to gardening, from spiritual to therapeutic uses, it seems that most essential oils are packed with biological compounds that can help us lead better, healthier lives. Packed in a small bottle, the extract of rare plants can empower you to overcome acute and chronic illnesses. However, these benefits have been compromised by a common malpractice – sub-par products being sold due to a largely unstructured marketplace. The result is impure essential oils that are not as potent as their real, organic counterparts.

We have a Solution
Katyani Exports is a leading provider of 100% pure and organic essential oils. The enterprise has blended traditional wisdom with modern technology to create a range of essential oils that comes with all the natural goodness intact – nothing is lost due to adulteration or excessive processing!The use of completely non-invasive methods and environmental-friendly approach to growing the crops makes our organic essential oils special. Our farm-direct essential oils are perfect for aromatherapy, skin and hair-care products. These 100 % pure USDA certified organic essential oils are not diluted or synthetically modified. Our aromatic essential oils are extracted through careful steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing. You get natural oils straight from the best botanicals that are grown naturally, without losing any of the natural essence!

What makes our herbal essential oils better?
We believe that while an essential oil may be certified organically grown, butif not properly cared, itfalls short of delivering the health benefits. We care about you and pay attentionto every detail throughout the extraction and packaging process — right from picking seeds to cultivation methods and harvesting to distillation process. Each of our organic oils is expertly extracted using cutting-edge techniques and comply with the strictest standards for sustainable practices. We offer bulk volume for our line-up of therapeutic organic oils, each guaranteeing:
  • Purity - Exceptionally High Standards of Quality
  • No toxic component from exposure to Pesticides/Herbicides/Synthetics/Fertilizers
  • Finest Floral Concentrates & Natural Absolutes
  • GMP Certification
  • 9001:2001 ISO Registered
  • Labeled as USDA Organic
  • Ready-to-ship Inventory
  • Quick Processing for Bulk/Wholesale Orders


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